Besides tailoring, I love to teach people. Outside of the tailoring and reenacting world, I teach both fife and drum to a number of students. As I became more confident in my tailoring abilities, I realized I would like to help others further their tailoring education, and save them the years of research I had put in. The idea of holding tailoring workshops was born. At first I thought about the traditional workshop, but given the amount of detail I need to get across, that was unfeasible. We would be there for at least a week and the cost would be extremely high. Combining the thought of workshops with the digital age, I realized that workshops could be held online, and my workshop series was born.

First off was an Enlisted Frock Coat workshop, which was several years in the making. The outline and rough draft were started in 2009, and by late 2011, I finally had the courage to hit the publish button. This workshop will walk you through each step required in making an enlisted frock coat, from measurements, drafting, and fitting, to constructing the interior pleat pockets, quilting the lining, and getting that tricky piping on the collar and cuffs just right. Signing up for this workshop will get you 195 pages of detailed instruction, fully photographed, and several more pages of spreadsheets, lists of supplies, and graduated rulers. Here is a video showing a small snippet of what you will learn in this workshop.

With the success of my first workshop, I began work on a new workshop on creating a double breasted civilian frock coat of the period. This type of coat is regarded as the pinnacle of tailoring, with perhaps only the dress coat exceeding it. This workshop is still in progress, currently 3/4 of the way complete, at over 200 pages. I underestimated the amount of content necessary to fully explain everything, but the results should be worth the wait.

I realized that both of these workshops are fairly advanced tailoring, and decided it was time for something a little easier. Hence the idea for my latest workshop, opening on June 11, 2012 – constructing a Summer Frock. In many ways, this is easier than constructing a fully lined frock coat. For one, there is no quilting or canvas, something that takes a lot of time and skill to get just right. An apprentice tailor can concentrate more on getting the fit of the coat just right, and then finish the coat without too much issue – just time.

I emphasize getting the correct fit of the coat before students begin work on their garments. By posting photographs in my support forum, or emailing to me, I can suggest corrections for them, which has seemed to work well so far.

For more information about my workshops, please see my dedicated workshop site.