Welcome to the new website for Williams Clothiers. I specialize in recreating clothing from the mid-1800s, and in particular, the American Civil War. In the future, I plan to post about tailoring techniques, drafting, new projects, and other information that I feel will be of interest to you. The tailoring business today is nothing like it was in the past, with a tailor on every block. Many people now go their whole lives without visiting a tailor, and

I feel it is important to help preserve the knowledge of the tailor , before even more is lost.

You will notice that there is no online store, nor products to choose from. I am only offering high quality, custom garments. Too many reproductions available now are created with poor workmanship, horrible fit, and substandard documentation. My goal is to create a garment that can not be differentiated from an original. Each piece will begin with a hand-drafted pattern according to your measurements. I will be posting products online as they are completed, however, so you can judge for yourself the quality of w


I hope you will find something of value here, and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

James Williams

James Williams, Tailor

Thank you,
James Williams,
Williams Clothiers